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Our Story

In the beginning…

During the Spring of 1997, Dr. Michael Wheeler, then an Atlantic Veterinary College student, founded the original P.E.I. Dirt Shirt company.  

“The Island’s rich red dirt has long been known to colour clothing, instead of trying to get t out, why not help put it in”. 

After hundreds of muddy trials, Michael eventually fine tuned the dying process.

Dirty Work!

100% cotton shirts are placed into a mixture of well water and specially selected P.E.I. red dirt. Additional natural ingredients are then added to the basic solution to enhance colour fastness, and overtime the shirts take on the rich red hue of the Island’s soil. Finally, the products are washed and dried to perfection!

Now the red dirt that continues to make household chores a challenge on the Island created unique, attractive clothing exclusive to Prince Edward Island and P.E.I. Dirt Shirt